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Champion Macks
   Champion Macks
Champion Macks • AKC and CKC Registered DNA Tested
Color Coat Genetic testing done by VetGen and UC Davis

Bam is a proven stud, his fee is $800
Natural breed or AI • Located in Minnesota
Meet Armani • A blue and tan french bulldog!
His friendly, playful disposition adds to hours of entertainment
to our family.
Located in our home in Michigan.
For details contact Lisa@MiBlueFrenchies.com or call (616) 520-7351 for more information.

MI Blue Frenchies Stud Contract
This is to certify that Macks Moonshine Blue Me Tender (AKA Macks A Million)
AKC  • CKC  Certificates owned by Melisa Plesha

Was bred to ________________________________AKC____________________________________

Owned by   ________________________________________________________________________

For a fee of $1,000 OR PICK OF THE LITTER (Circle the option you are requesting)

Stud fee of $1,000 is for stud service.  One live birth puppy constitutes a litter.  A brucellosis test is required prior to the mating with the expense to be paid by bitch owner.  A copy of test is to be provided prior to any breeding .

Any other expenses which might occur (examples: shipping. transportation, health certificates, kenneling in case of emergency, air fare, medical treatment of bitch, semen collection by vet) will be paid by bitch owner.  No out of pocket expenses are to be incurred by stud owner.

If the above bitch does not conceive one repeat breeding at next heat cycle (no later than one year) will be offered at no additional charge for the stud fee portion.  As with the first breeding, expenses relating to any other cost will be paid by the bitch owner.  A refund will not be offered as services were performed.

If the bitch fails to whelp, the owner of the bitch must notify the stud owner of this fact within 10 days of the whelping due date.  If available,  the same stud dog will give a return service at the next heat, no later than 1 year.   Lack of notification as indicated above will forfeit any return service.

If the stud dog should die or become otherwise incapacitated for breeding purposes before the return service is given, the owner of the stud dog retains the right to offer the services of another stud dog in her possession at that time.

If the bitch changes ownership, any return service will not be honored.

The stud dog owner guarantees that the stud is potent and that mating was achieved on the above dates.  The stud owner guarantees to sign the litter registration papers within 10 days.


Bitch Owner __________________________________________________   Date _________________ 



Stud Owner___________________________________________________________________________

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