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Puppy Questionnaire

To ensure our puppies go to the best homes possible, please fill out the questionnaire and
fax to (616) 696-0220 or copy/paste this page into the body of your email and return to
Lisa Plesha • (616) 520-7351 – (616)696-0220

Download, Save & Print PDF Questionnaire

Contact Information _____________________________________________________________

Phone/Cell Number___________________ Email ______________________________________

  1. Where will the puppy spend the daytime hours?

  2. Will someone be at home with the puppy during the day? If not, what arrangements will be made to feed and exercise him?

  3. On average, how many hours will the puppy be left alone every day? Where will he stay when left alone?

  4. Do you have a swimming pool? If so, is it fenced?

  5. Have you ever owned a dog? If so, what breed(s)? What happened to the dog(s) you previously owned?

  6. Do you plan to breed this dog spay/neuter this dog? (Circle & Initial)

  7. How many pets and what are they?

  8. Why do you want a French Bulldog?

  9. What gender of dog do you want?___________________________________________________

    Why? _______________________________________________________________________

  10. Are you prepared to make a commitment to this dog for its entire life and if not do you understand the dog needs to go back to the breeder?

    I understand this is not a kennel dog and will be a part of our family

  11. REFERENCES - Please provide two (2) references we may call prior to puppy placement in your home:

    Name: ___________________________ Phone: _____________________________________

    Email Address:________________________________________________________________

    Name: ___________________________ Phone: _____________________________________

    Email Adress: _________________________________________________________________

    __________________________________________________   ________________________
    Please Sign & Date

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